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This week I had the enormous honor of speaking with PfW community member Becky Bateson.  Becky is now at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, after overcoming the battle she began with anorexia at the tender age of 13.

In this episode, Becky and I discuss the nine different outpatient treatment centers she has attended, the power horses have to heal, how lonesomeness can make a child anorexic, and how eating disorders can be overcome with the powers of social love and happy activities.

Rebecca (Becky) Bateson is the daughter of two Lutheran minsters. She grew up in the Ohio countryside and later moved to Ohio Valley where she ended up attending Bethany College in the "Wild & Wonderful" hills of West Virginia and graduated in 2008 with her Bachelors in Commincation. She had a wonderful experience in college -- but struggled to get there. She battled with anorexia from age 13 but is happy to say she has been in healthy happy recovery for almost 8 years. Becky currently lives in Columbus Ohio where she works as a fantastic customer service rep for a great company.  Outside of work -- she enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, cooking, cycling, dancing, writing, playing the juke box, funny cat pictures, traveling and recently was able to take her first trip to Europe last Spring. With an interest in nutrition, health, and life long well being she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition this spring. She is training to be a health coach and wants to encourage and help those people who struggle with disordered eating, body image, emotional eating, or just need to a jump start with healthy habits. She can be reached at or her webstite with any questions or just to say hello.

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Dean's story is one of real inspiration and real results.  After 19 years of vegetarianism and struggling with his weight, Dean finally realized that his true roadblock to healthful success was his mentality.  Dean set out to be the expert on his own life and body, and to really own and to love himself, and this empowered, delightful, helpful man has been the result.

In this episode we discuss the difficulty of making changes, tips for taking control of your diet and your life, why everyone and their grandmother should journal daily, and the reason Dean has bid a permanent farewell to beans.

Dean Dwyer is the founder of Make Shift Happen that has a singular mission; to transform individual transformation
so that everyone can shine.
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